Nature Ignites Inspiration

In my youth, my grandmother taught me to appreciate nature in her flower, fruit and vegetable gardens. In elementary school I discovered books by Beatrix Potter that drew me to the delight of animals in illustration. Because of my deep appreciation for beauty and intrigue in nature and because all things living are part of nature, my view is that nature is where we are most connected to one another and our beautiful existence on this planet. Being outdoors in a garden, on a farm, biking or walking along a nature path, through one of our countries gorgeous state parks, or that of another destination around the world, I try to always be in the moment and allow my senses to be delighted. I breathe in the air, really see and appreciate the flora and fauna, touch the leaves and grasses and hear the birds and critters around me. Perhaps if an opportunity reveals itself, I may even be given the chance to taste nature. However I experience nature, I invite those who view my art to come along with me into the glorious wonders of the outdoors, for this is where my inspiration ignites. Read More

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